The 3D’s on selling your home


Usually sellers ask me what steps should they take to prepare their home for sale?

Some homes do have different challenges although the 3 D’s applies to most homes.

1) Depersonalize

Depersonalizing by removing your personal items and personal decorations that are on display through out the house.

                    Remove family pictures from your walls and refrigerator

                    Remove awards or certificates of accomplishments that are hung up.

                    Put away your hobbies and collections.

                   Tone down or remove bright bold decoration or colors

                   Put away your personal hygiene products

                    Remove Taxidermy

The goal is for the perspective home buyer to see themselves living in a new home. To picture themselves in the different spaces through out the home and to minimize the potential buyer from picturing or imagining to much of you in these spaces. This is also true for outdoor areas.

2) Declutter

Remove all excess furniture, knickknacks and so called clutter through out the house inside and out. Yes, it is very important to declutter the exterior of your home. Remove any taxidermy or flashy decorations inside and out. Its ok to leave areas completely empty. Using a storage unit or moving pods is a great way to get a jumpstart on moving and at the same time declutter your home. The strategy here is to open up your space and allow the potential buyer to imagine their furnishings and decor in the home.

3) Deep clean


Once you have depersonalized and decluttered your home the next step is a good old fashion deep clean. You can do it your self or hire a professional cleaner. I recommend to hire a professional cleaner. They will usually take deep cleaning to higher level since they do it for a living and are not personally attached to the space. They typically offer carpet cleaning and tile and grout cleaning. Some people may feel embarrassed hiring someone to come into there home to deep clean years of living. Professional cleaners are accustomed  to going into someone home to deep clean. Lets face it life is pretty busy and over time we become short sighted to our living conditions. If your budget allows painting the walls with a neutral color or replacing worn out carpeting is a good investment. Usually its less expensive than most people think. The most common item folks forget to clean is the light switches and wall plates. If you had animals or smoked in the house a good investment is to rent ozone machine to help diminish the smell. Pressure washing the exterior of your home including driveway and sidewalk leading up to the house and especially the front door.

There you have it the 3D’s. I have only scratched the surface with my suggestions on the 3 D’s. Hiring a professional Real Estate agent can help guide you through these steps in a more in depth with personalized recommendations and refer you service professionals that can also help you through the process.

Hillsborough County Single Family Homes

         January 2021                                                                                                               December 2020

Active Listings                                  1661                        Down 16%                              1982  

New Listings                                       1692                       Up   16%                                  1458

Listing Sold                                         1335                       Down 29%                              1890

Average Sale Price                           $373.338                Down 1%                           $377,349

Months Of Inventory                            1                           Equal                                       1

Average Days On The Market           33                       Up  14%                                  29

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