Buying your home with
The Realty Group

  • Education and Experience
  • Neighborhood Knowledge
  • Price Guidance
  • Market Conditions Information
  • Professional Networking
  • Negotiation Skills and Confidentiality
  • Handling Volumes of Paperwork
  • Answer Questions After Closing
  • Developing Relationships for Future Business

First-Time Home Buyer?

Buying a home is one of the best investments you can make at any age.  Not only do you start building equity, but it also offers you a sense of pride and stability.  Many people don’t realize how much money they are losing each year renting instead of buying.  In addition to tax benefits, check below at how much equity you can gain by simply buying your first home.

Lets Find Your Dream Home!

Tell me about your dream home. Provide all the features you would love to have, which locations you prefer and I can get the latest matching listings delivered straight to your inbox.

    –  Find you the best home possible
    –  Communicate with you, weekly, the results of our activities
    –  Assist you in negotiating the the best price between you and the seller

    The following are the steps we will take in buying the best home possible:

      1. Discuss your financing options with a preferred lender
      2. Provide the lender your supporting documentation
      3. Determine the type of home you want to purchase
      4. Find the best 3 or 4 homes that meet your needs and wants
      5. Submit an offer on the best of the homes we see
      6. Negotiate the best price on your behalf
      7. Deposit the escrow within 3 days of offer acceptance
      8. Apply for the mortgage within 5 days of offer acceptance
      9. Apply for home owners insurance
      10. Conduct the whole home inspection for your benefit
      11. Inspect the home for WDO (termites)
      12. Inspect the home and roof for insurance purposes
      13. Coordinate any lender or inspection required repairs
      14. Complete due diligence on the HOA
      15. Appraise the home
      16. Survey the home
      17. Final walk-thru if applicable prior to closing
      18. Review the Final HUD Statement
      19. Answer your questions from beginning to closing
      20. Welcome you to your new home!

    Why Hire Corey Gomis and The Realty Group?

    Corey Gomis is an Active, Licensed Real Estate Professional, which is key in ensuring your home buying process is smooth! My intent is to provide you the best service possible, earning future business from you, your friends and family.This is not only my commitment, but also the company’s as it is what it attributes its success to.The Realty Group has loyal clients due to the quality of service provided at the personal level, striving for excellence in all that we do!

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