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Selling a home on 1 acre or more has a lot of benefits. I have personally had the experience of owning homes on 1 acre or more. These properties usually come with many benefits to the new owner. The benefits need to be properly conveyed to the new buyers. Many properties with 1 acre or more have wonderful outbuildings that may be characterized as personal property. The value of these buildings needs to be built into the sales price. I have also discovered many key words and classifications that help elevate listings on the MLS and the internet.

Here are some of the features and benefits that I look for:


  • Are horses allowed
  • Horse corrals and barns
  • What types of animals are allowed
  • Is there an area for gardening
  • What type of fencing is installed



  • Proximity to neighbors
  • Proximity to busy roads
  • proximity to shopping and entertainment
  • Are the trees mature. Is there shade on the property.
  • What type of outbuilding are there or could be installed.

We have developed 2 plans for sellers.


For the seller that wants to take advantage of the Real Estate market right now.


For the seller that wants to wait but get a jump start on the competition when their ready.

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