Interviewing a Real Estate Agent

Interview multiple agents

Choosing a real estate agent can be a difficult decision. Take your time to make sure your making the right decision. Explore different options. Not all real estate agents are the same. Its a lot like a sports team. They wear the same uniform but the results of each player is different. Same with a real estate agent. We may seem similar but our results are different.

By interviewing different real estate agents before you sign a lengthily contract for thousands of dollars you have the ability to gold mine the conversations. You can compare marketing and selling plans form each of the agents you interview.

Look for a highly motivated action oriented real estate agent. They will deliver results. Over the past few years the Real Estate industry has gone through some changes. Top agents have learned in addition to submitting your home to search engines that being action oriented and proactive gets homes sold and gets them sold for as much as the market will bear. These agents are actively searching for a buyer by informing people in your area by postcards and phone calls about the sale. They also call people they previously sold homes to and other active real estate agent they have previously worked with. Typically someone in the area knows someone that wants to move into your neighborhood. An active agent will search for a buyers to create a buzz. A passive traditional agent will post the property on line and wait for calls to come in.

As a real estate agent I have come to realize that most sellers have a family member or friend in real estate. What most sellers find is at times its better to use a business professional and leave your relationship fully intact. The pros of using a friend or family member is enticing when you consider that you may save some money and you have someone that you know complete the transaction for you. The downside is that they will have access to your personal and financial information. You also risk the possibility if something goes wrong the relationship may be at risk. If you choose not to use your friend or relative for the transaction most experienced agents can provide you with strategies to gracefully talk with your friend or family member on how important their relationship is to you .

Choosing the right real estate agent can improve your net gain on the sale. Statistically some real estate offices are consistently above average when it comes to the owners net gain. An experienced agent should communicate with you weekly. You should also receive a plan of action from them. Over the years I have developed a comprehensive measurable action oriented list of procedures that we follow that gets homes sold quickly for the most the market will bear.

The decision is yours. Take your time interviewing agents until you and other decision makers feel comfortable on moving forward.

Hillsborough County Residential Statistics

February 2021 January 2021

Active listings 1718 3.43% up 1661

New listings 2090 23.52% up 1692

Listings sold 1895 41% up 1335

Average sales price $351,475 5.85% down $373,338

Months of inventory 1 equal 1

Average days on market 37 12% up 33

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