Working With A Buyers agent

Who is your advocate?

Everyone needs there own advocate. There are many benefits when working with a buyers agent. Often times I hear buyers say that they believe if they work directly with the sellers agent they think they can negotiate a better offer. I like to point out that the sellers agent is looking out for the best interest of the seller. The sellers agent does need to be honest with you and disclose any deficiencies that they know to you. They are more focused on selling the home for the buyer for the most the market can bear.

When you choose to work with a buyers agent to represent you. A good buyers agent will ask a lot of questions to get a better understanding of the type of home your looking for and to help you as you move through the buying process.

Questions A buyers agent should ask you:

Are you currently working with another agent?

Are you buying with cash or financing?

What is your down payment?

What is your budget for monthly payment?

Have you spoken with a mortgage lender?

Who are the other decision makers?

Are you ready to make an offer today if you see the right home?

Have you been approved to buy a home in your budget?

How long have you been looking for a home?

How many homes have you seen?

What areas are you wanting to buy in?

The Next Step:

Next the agent should bring you through the buying process. We typically do this in the office to go through my list of procedures to buying a home that I have developed over the years. 

Choosing your own advocate to help you find a home and take you through the buying process gracefully is key to buying a great home that is also a great investment. I will point out to my clients any potential pit falls for a home that I see. If I don’t think they can sell the home in 5 years and make a profit I will bring it to their attention. My goal as a real estate agent is to be your advocate and work with the buyer to earn their business later on as a seller and gain their confidence so that they recommend me to their family and friends